We are the descendants of Isaac and Sarah Hutchins from Sumter County Alabama. The ancestral records show that Isaac was born on February 1852 approximately nine years before the American Civil War. Sarah was two years younger having been born May 1854. They married at the age of 21 and 19 respectively. They had 12 children according to the census records. The children were Willie, Frank, Addie, Robert, Edward, Pinola, Spurgeon, George, Talmadge, Mary Julia, James and Mollie. At the time of the census of 1900 Issac and Sarah had been married for 25 years.


The records show that Isaac and many of his children who lived than Epps Alabama worked as farm laborers. The records from the census of the 1920s indicate that as least two of Isaac’s children, Talmadge and Edward, left laboring on the farm to become Alabama coal miners. This is the profession that may have led several of our ancestors out of the South to the mines in the Midwestern state like Ohio and West Virginia.

 Research has not yielded information on Isaac’s father or any documentation on Sarah but family oral history that was retained, handed down and retold by Mrs. Beatrice Jones(daughter of Pinola Hutchins) suggested that Isaac was of Senegalese ancestry and Sarah came to America from England. These intriguing recollections deserve further research.

Our family history is a book in the process of being written. Please feel free to share your stories about your grandparents and great- grandparents so that we may collect and provide that information for all the family to enjoy. In the near future, we intend to add a section on the website that will allow you to submit your stories and pictures of past reunions and beloved ancestors.


We know that the children and grandchildren of Isaac and Sarah within a generation or two dispersed across the United States. There are relatives from the East Coast of Maryland to the West Coast of California north to Michigan and some remain in Alabama and Georgia. Many of our ancestors had very colorful pasts and we will try to provide an opportunity for you to share your stories about your grandparents and great grandparents on our website and at the family reunion.

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